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Mortal Kombat Creator Is Teasing Something Again, Meanwhile WB Is Looking for Devs to Innovate KoreTech

Mortal Kombat creator Ed Boon has teased that he might be teasing something again soon. You read that right. Boon, who’s no stranger to messing with fans on Twitter, has kickstarted another round of speculations with the following tweet:

To tamper expectations, there’s no indication that NetherRealm and Warner Bros. are ready to announce a new Mortal Kombat and/or Injustice game yet, but it goes without saying that these franchises will appear on next-gen platforms.

In fact, Warner Bros. recently advertised a job vacancy for a Software Engineer (via @MauroNL3), who will be tasked with further innovating Mortal Kombat‘s Unreal Engine 4-based core technology. The incumbent will be working on animation, rendering, build tools, and more for the aptly titled KoreTech.

“As a software engineer in the KoreTech group, you will help us further extend and innovate key technology for our Unreal 4 based engine,” reads the job description. “You will utilize and extend your experience with a wide variety of engine tech.”

Warner Bros. is also separately looking for a Senior Technical Animator to take console animations to new heights. This role will presumably involve working on next-gen consoles.

“NetherRealm Studios is looking for an exceptionally skilled Senior Technical Animator to help set the bar for high end console character animation,” reads the job description.

We certainly can’t wait to see what NetherRealm is up to. As for Boon’s tweet, we’ll update our readers when we have more information.