Report: New Oculus-Like PSVR Controller Shown in Sony Patent, Could it Be For PSVR 2 on PS5?

While we know Sony will continue to support PlayStation VR on the PS5, nothing has been said yet about any new VR technology for the next-generation hardware. The only hint we’ve had of VR tech on PS5 has been the new PS5 Camera, which can be preordered now and will launch alongside the console on November 12. A new patent, however, may have just given us a look at a redesign for PlayStation VR controllers to replace the Moves, which appears to be similar to the look and function of the Oculus Touch controller.

The patent was discovered by LetsGoDigital. First filed in March 2020, the patent was just published today, including images for the new controller. Instead of tracking a single orb like on the Move, this controller is tracked through multiple light sources on the curved part of the controller, which would provide for more accurate positional and rotational data. There isn’t a lot of other information, such as if Sony is trying to do individual finger tracking, but it’s clear they are working on iterating the current PSVR technology.

Keep in mind that patents aren’t confirmation of products. Many patents get published that either see big changes or never make it past the concept stages. This patent simply says we should be on the lookout for more PlayStation VR news after the PS5 release, though we may not see PSVR 2 launch until a year or two into the PS5’s life. Right now, Sony is focused on selling the main console itself and won’t want to encumber the upcoming launch with new PSVR headset. The currently used Move controllers haven’t been significantly iterated on since their release for PS3 in September 2010. Perhaps the biggest downside to these controllers is a lack of control sticks, which means movement has to be mapped to buttons.

There was also a new PSVR controller patent found earlier this year implying finger tracking was being added, or again, at least explored.

If you’d like to see additional images, you can see the full patent documentation here. The latter half of the file shows more diagrams of the new PSVR controller. Interestingly, the patent document suggests the next PSVR headset will be loaded with a camera to detect and track the new controllers too. This was previously rumored and the patent lends additional weight to a big PSVR redesign incoming for the PS5 PSVR2.