Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Writer Sam Barlow Says He’s Pitching a Sequel

Before Her Story and Telling Lies, Sam Barlow was known for his work on Konami’s Silent Hill series. Barlow has writing credits on both Silent Hill: Origins and Shattered Memories; however, he’s apparently brainstorming an idea for the latter in particular. According to the writer, said idea moved him to pitch a proper follow-up to Shattered Memories at Konami. Whether or not Barlow’s had any luck on this front remains to be seen.

Barlow mentioned as much in a recent Twitter post, noting that he has been dodging Shattered Memories-related interview questions because he’s in the process of pitching a sequel. The tweet in question appears as follows:

In a subsequent tweet, Barlow preemptively tells fans the Shattered Memories pitch has nothing to do with his current work-in-progress. That particular project, presently known only as Project A…, remains shrouded in mystery.

Konami published Silent Hill: Shattered Memories for developer Climax Studios in late 2009 on the Nintendo Wii. The survival horror title made its way to the PS2 and PSP not too long thereafter in early 2010. At its core, Shattered Memories serves as a reimagining of the long-running franchise’s first entry. Harry Mason ventures to the haunted town of Silent Hill in search of his missing little girl. The twist here, however, is that this telling of Harry’s quest takes place in an alternate universe.

[Source: Sam Barlow on Twitter via Bloody Disgusting]