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Her Story and Telling Lies Director Sam Barlow Teases Brand-New Project

Yesterday was the fifth anniversary of Her Story’s release, Sam Barlow’s first major FMV project. To celebrate, the writer and director shared cryptic teasers for his new game. While it presently lacks an official title, barring a “Project A…” tease, Barlow’s new adventure is available to wishlist on Steam. As of writing, there is no word on whether plans are in place for a console release.

Barlow teased his latest work-in-progress in the following Twitter post:

The Steam page features a slew of redacted details. According to another tweet from Barlow, more wishlists means more of the page’s information will become available. The few bits of intel that are accessible note that Barlow is developing the project with his team at Half Mermaid.

Additionally, the Steam listing boasts three incredibly cryptic teaser videos. The first runs just shy of 25 seconds long; it seems to center on a snake moving about. Another clip lasts less than 15 seconds, showcasing something on fire. The final tease is of someone, presumably a woman, upside down in water with only their legs visible in open air. It runs nearly a minute in length. All three clips are accompanied by a range of teaser images, raising even more questions.

Sam Barlow’s last project, Telling Lies, launched in the summer of 2019 on PC and iOS devices. The investigative thriller hit consoles earlier this year.

[Source: Sam Barlow on Twitter]