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Trophy List for Sam Barlow’s Telling Lies is Live, Though a PS4 Announcement Hasn’t Been Made

In August 2019, Her Story creator Sam Barlow launched Telling Lies, an acclaimed FMV title published by Annapurna Interactive. It released on PC via Steam, but there’s been no indication of a potential PlayStation 4 release. That just changed, however. Recently, a Telling Lies trophy list found its way online via Exophase (who pulls trophy lists when they hit Sony’s servers). This seems to suggest that not only is Sam Barlow’s latest hitting PS4, but it may very well do so in the near future.

Telling Lies‘ trophy list features 16 trophies in total, including a Platinum. The remaining 15 include 9 Gold, 4 Silver, and 2 Bronze trophies. None of them appear hidden. The FMV title’s full trophy list as follows.

  • All Done —  Unlock all trophies [Platinum]
  • Hey — Make it past 1am [Gold]
  • All Work and No Play — Make it past 2am [Gold]
  • Nocturnal Animals — Make it past 3am [Gold]
  • You’re a Vampire — Make it past 4am [Gold]
  • Time is Running Out — Make it past 5am [Gold]
  • Sunrise — Head out onto the roof — [Gold]
  • Full Upload — Upload the entire data set [Gold]
  • Pointless Game — It’s the taking part that counts [Bronze]
  • Animal Logic — Cats can’t type [Silver]
  • Organizer — You like tagging things [Bronze]
  • Librarian — You like bookmarking [Silver]
  • Taking Out the Trash — Tidying up the desktop [Silver]
  • Hypertextual — Clicking down the rabbit hole [Gold]
  • Missing King — The game is rigged [Gold]
  • Forgot My Password — It’s not “password” [Silver]

Like Her Story before it, Telling Lies makes use of live-action full-motion video. The investigative thriller centers on the secretly recorded video calls between four individuals. Players must come through each file for reasons that are not immediately clear, all in an effort to unravel what’s been described as quite the tense mystery.

The game stars Damnation’s Logan Marshall-Green, Alexandra Shipp from X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Halt and Catch Fire star Kerry Bishé, and Westworld’s Angela Sarafyan.

[Source: Exophase]