Report: Sony’s PlayStation Direct Will Ship PS5 Accessories Ahead of Launch

The PlayStation 5 won’t launch in select territories, including North America and Japan, until next month on November 12th. However, it seems Sony plans to begin shipping the console’s accessories by the end of this month.

Such new comes by way of Twitter user @DJMikeRadio, who shared a screenshot of an email he recently received from PlayStation. The email reads in part, “We are excited to be shipping PS5 accessories early! The new launch date of your pre-order item(s) will now be 10/30/2020.”

See the full screenshot below, courtesy of @DJMikeRadio on Twitter:

playstation 5 accessories

It’s worth noting that the email above specifically relates to preorders from Sony’s PlayStation Direct storefront. As such, it remain unclear as to whether retailers across the board will similarly ship preordered accessories ahead of PS5’s scheduled November release. You might also notice that the email says “PS5 Digital,” but users have confirmed that the order number associated (edited out in this capture) matches with the accessories, not the console itself.

However, there is at least one UK retailer–Simply Games–that has confirmed PS5 accessories will begin going out to customers in the week leading up to launch. Simply Games shared the news in a brief Twitter post a few days ago. Yet, as noted at the time, PS5 accessories on Amazon UK are still listed with the region’s November 19th release date. If these items are shipping early from multiple retailer, it’s clear that not all storefronts can confirm as much just yet. Our own staff’s orders from Amazon, for example, have some items still listed as November 12th, though others that are pending an estimated delivery date.

PlayStation 5 hits stores in the US, Japan, Australia, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, and South Korea on November 12th. Europe, the Middle East, South America, Asia, and South Africa will receive Sony’s new hardware the following week on November 19th.

[Source: DJMikeRadio on Twitter via Game Informer]