dualsense face buttons

Classic Colors Absent from DualSense’s Face Buttons for Simplification Purposes

The DualSense is a big departure from the DualShock and other PlayStation controller’s of the past. Sure, the basic form factor remains intact, but a few of the finer details are not present. Most notably, face buttons on the PlayStation 5 controller lack the classic pink, green, red, and blue colors. Why did Sony choose to break from tradition on this particular front? The decision apparently comes from an effort to simplify and unify.

Senior Art Director Yujin Morisawa noted as much in a recent interview with The Washington Post, adding that the face button colors aren’t technically necessary. Morisawa explained,

…except for a special editions, we’ve always used those colors. For the PlayStation 5, we tried to eliminate what was already there. I wanted to simplify it and make it universal. The shape’s pattern already shows what the button is going to be. You really don’t need a color for the buttons. So I made it one tone.

It makes sense, especially when considering how transformative the DualSense is supposed to be compared to previous PlayStation controllers. Such an evolution understandably gave way to a handful of key changes. Another move to unify the controller’s function is evident in Sony’s making the ‘X’ button the universal confirm command, even in Asian territories where ‘O’ traditionally serves such purpose.

PlayStation 5 launches in the United States, Japan, Australia, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, and South Korea on November 12th. The hardware will roll out in Europe, the Middle East, South America, Asia, and South Africa next week on November 19th.

[Source: The Washington Post]