Sony’s Focused on PS5 This Year, But is Still Outlining ‘Interesting Stuff’ for PS Plus and PS Now

For obvious reasons, Sony’s focus throughout this year has been squarely centered on the advent of PlayStation 5. Other aspects of the PlayStation business have consequently taken a backseat to some extent. However, the company’s prioritization of the new hardware does not mean the rest of the brand is being entirely ignored. In fact, according to Sony Interactive Entertainment’s CEO and President, Jim Ryan, there are plans to further explore future possibilities with services like PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus.

Speaking with GQ Magazine, Ryan teased the “interesting stuff” that Sony’s outlining with regards to said services. He specifically noted that the cloud will continuously grow in significance in the coming years. And though there are “business model and technology challenges,” Sony fully intends to continue studying and investing in the technology’s capabilities. When asked if such dedication meant the likes of PS Now will become more important over the next several years, Ryan said,

PlayStation Now and Plus are very important to us today. This year we’re just trying to keep it focused on the PlayStation 5 and the games, but that doesn’t mean we’re [not] thinking deeply about our services and figuring out some quite interesting stuff that’ll get its own moment in the limelight.

Ryan’s statement is especially notable given his recent hint that “there is actually news to come” about a response of some sort to Xbox’s success with Game Pass. What that entails presently remains to be seen.

PlayStation 5 is out now in most territories around the world. The hardware’s launch in the Philippines and Malaysia is slated for later this year on December 11th. Meanwhile, PS5 won’t release in Indonesia until January 2021.

[Source: GQ Magazine via Wccftech]