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Photo credit: @eugenedanieltv

People Camped Outside GameStop With Beddings and Mattresses in Hopes to Buy a PS5

13News Now reporter Eugene Daniel came across an interesting sight while out on a snack run: folks laying on their beds outside GameStop in Norfolk, VA, for over 24 hours in hopes to buy a PlayStation 5. And they actually managed to snag a console (or two) each.

We’ll let Daniel’s tweets do the talking here:

Daniel’s colleague Anne Sparaco decided to follow up on the story on behalf of 13News Now, and spoke to some of the customers.

“It is very scarce, it’s very hard to get,” said Kat Watkins, who waited for the store to open along with her boyfriend. “You put it in your cart on Walmart or wherever you go and it stops.” The couple, like thousands of others, have been trying to get a hold of a PS5 since launch, but without success.

For its part, Sony has apologized for the shortage and has promised more stock before Christmas. Here’s hoping supply equals demand by the first quarter of 2021.