PlayStation Store Unusable for PS Vita Players for Over 24 Hours, Now Fixed

PlayStation Vita owners had been unable to purchase any games or even download the titles they already own from the handheld device for the last two days. As reported by numerous Reddit users around the world, attempting to do so produced a variety of error messages. Over the last couple of hours, the issue seems to have been fixed.

Error “NP-2245-3” was the most common error players were encountering. This stated the Vita “Could not connect to the PlayStation Network within the time limit.” This bug had affected many players several years ago, but the workaround found back then did not work this time. Other players had managed to find a workaround for the US and Canada stores. This involved logging in to the PlayStation Store on mobile phone and using old store links. Unfortunately this didn’t appear to work for any stores outside of these two regions.

Last month, Sony made changes to the web and mobile versions of the PlayStation Store that prevented the purchase of PlayStation Vita games and DLC. Despite this, Sony confirmed Vita owners would still be able to make new purchases and download their existing library through the store app on the handheld itself. Players were starting to become concerned after the store app went down for nearly two days. Sony failed to even acknowledge the problem, let alone issue any timeframe for a fix.

Reports have now started coming in that issue is resolved, so it seems like this was just a temporary bug. I have tried downloading one of my existing purchases to my Vita and have been successful. This is especially good news seeing as there are still new games to be released for Sony’s final handheld gaming system and players still need some way to be able to purchase them.

[Source: Reddit via Push Square]