Dragon Age 4 to be Shown at Game Awards 2020

Source: Dragon Age YouTube

Geoff Keighley took to twitter to announce that the forthcoming Dragon Age sequel would make an appearance at The Game Awards 2020 on Thursday December 10. Officially announced at The Game Awards 2018 with a one-minute teaser clip, the game has been in development for at least three years. BioWare later released a behind the scenes look at the sequel’s development, although no major story or game play content was provided. No release window has been given yet, which may be changing soon considering the announcement.

Taking place after the events of Dragon Age: Inquisition, the next Dragon Age follows a certain playable character’s story after a huge revelation was made in the previous game’s final DLC, Trespasser. While I won’t provide any spoilers, let’s just say it was one of the most effective cliff hangers ever in an RPG.

What makes the timing particularly interesting is the departure of two major BioWare staffers just a few days ago. Mark Darrah and Casey Hudson, known best for their work on Dragon Age and Mass Effect respectively, announced on December 3rd their retirement from BioWare. Their departure after a pair of major stinkers from the studio in Mass Effect: Andromeda and Anthem lends to speculation about what prompted the moves. Both cite personal reasons in their announcements, and that’s not hard to believe at all. 2020 has caused lots of people to reconsider both their personal and professional priorities.

Adding to the intrigue is an apparent verbal sparring match between Mark Darrah and the voice of Dragon Age NPC Commander Cullen, Greg Ellis. In response to Ellis’ snide remark about his departure, Mark responds in a manner that suggests he has no problem speaking his mind since being freed from the weight of his Executive Producer role. Spicy.

As someone who has just finished replaying Dragon Age: Inquisition, I am mentally and physically ready for a reason to get excited about this sequel. A cinematic CGI trailer would be enough to get my wallet tingling like Miles Morales’ spidey sense does for an incoming bullet. We’ll have to wait until next week to see what the extent of the “special look” will be.

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