dragon age 4 details concept art

BioWare Reveals New Dragon Age 4 Details, Concept Art, Solas

While it still may be early in development, Dragon Age 4referred to by BioWare as simply “the next Dragon Age“— is still alive and Bioware showed off an extended look at some gameplay concepts while talking up the game’s staff, story, and actors. Revealed today at the gamescom: Opening Night live stream, the Dragon Age 4 details and concept are shown reveal a game that is still being figured out in regards to what it will be, but gives a few inside glances at what to expect from the next game in the beloved Dragon Age franchise. Check out the behind the scenes trailer below.

BioWare isn’t shy about s saying up-front that its game is in the early stages, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t have some things to say and show today. New, undisclosed locations and some quick looks at action-based gameplay reveal just how young BioWare’s work on Dragon Age truly is, but the team hyped up the importance of player choice in a world where their characters are somewhat powerless. Rough footage of some in-combat skills, including a character blocking magic with a massive shield, shows that the game looks to be edging towards the type of combat seen in Dragon Age Inquisition, though with early development, that’s always subject to change.

The trailer also reveals some voice lines from characters both well-known and newly introduced to fans, with the voice actors recording lines from the safety and comfort of their in-home closet studios. However, if you’re looking for story details or hard information about what to expect from Dragon Age 4 then you won’t find much here, besides some vague teases about the Dread Wolf, Solas. The story of former Dragon Age friends turned enemies must continue onward.

Early development means there’s not even a release window for Dragon Age 4 at this point, and we also don’t know when we’ll be getting additional information—not to mention an actual proper trailer—for the game.