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Ghost of Tsushima Players Raise Funds to Restore Destroyed Real-Life Tsushima Torii

While some gamers can get a bad reputation, others make an effort to spread a bit of good will. As reported by Famitsu, Ghost of Tsushima fans became so enamored with the game’s landscape that they’ve helped raise funds to restore a Torii destroyed by a typhoon on the real-life island of Tsushima.

A Torii is a gate that symbolises the entrance to a sacred area. The road that leads to a Shinto Shrine often has multiple Torii to guide visitors. Unfortunately a Torii at the Watatsumi Shrine in Tsushima became a victim of a typhoon back in September, and it was toppled into the surrounding lake. A fundraising campaign set up by one of the shrine’s priests, Yuichi Hirayama, aimed to gather enough money to restore the Torii back to its former glory.

The campaign began on November 27 and had a target of 5,000,000 yen. Thanks to the generosity of 1,564 supporters at the time of writing, the campaign has managed to raise more than four times that amount. The current total sits at 20,743,277 yen or just over $200,000. Hirayama has since confirmed in campaign updates that Ghost of Tsushima fans have been amongst the many donors.

Toriis and Shinto Shrines are a familiar site to Ghost of Tsushima players. They’re a location where players can receive charms that offer a range of skill and ability upgrades. They also often require some agility and acrobatics to get there. The game obviously left its mark on a few players and has led to a real-life gesture that’s quite befitting the holiday season.

The title itself has also been quite successful, last month hitting more than five million copies sold. At The Game Awards, it won the Player’s Voice award. The game even left its mark on the Japanese game industry, winning the Super Trendy Game Awards as voted for by over 130 Japanese game creators and celebrities.

[Source: Famitsu via Twinfinite]