Hitman 3’s Progression Transfer, Access Passes, and IOI Account Signup All Unavailable, IOI Working on a Fix

As the first AAA release of the year, there’s no doubt Hitman 3 was going to be popular. The problem is developer IO Interactive seems to have underestimated just how popular it was going to be. Because of excessive demand, players are unable to log in to their IOI accounts, or sign up for a new one. This means they can’t transfer their progress from Hitman 2. Access Passes are also not working properly. The good news is the developer is hard at work on a fix.

Transferring previous progress from Hitman 2 allows players to carry over their player profile, XP rank, location mastery levels, location mastery unlocks, challenge progress, challenge unlocks, Elusive Target suits/unlocks, and trophy progress. They need to sign in to their IOI account, or set one up, on the progression carryover website to start the process. Progression carryover will then overwrite any progress already made in Hitman 3. This has left many unable to even start the game because the IOI account sign in process is overwhelmed and won’t work.

The latest update from IO Interactive states they’re “processing thousands of players and getting more of you playing“. Some players are able to complete the process but are then told it has failed. The developer will then process the request themselves, but this means being placed in a queue with no idea of how long it will take.

People trying to sign up for an IOI account are also being met with the failed notification, as are those trying to reset their passwords. IO has said they’re escalating the issue where players are not receiving those e-mails. They finished their update with a message to players that they’re “doing everything we can and reading all your comments while we work. Thanks for sticking with us and we[‘ll] get everything running smooth.”

Importing missions from Hitman and Hitman 2 is also not working properly. Some players have been able to import content from the standard edition of Hitman 2, but cannot import Hitman. I’ve also been unable to import any content from Hitman 2 Gold Edition as the Access Passes seem to be missing. Instead, I’m getting an error message stating “the item you’re looking for is unavailable. It might not be for sale yet, or it might no longer be for sale”. Although IO hasn’t acknowledged this issue, this is also likely to be due to excessive demand.

The developer has promised to let players know via their Twitter account when the site is fully operational again. Hopefully everyone can play the game soon!

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