Report: Resident Evil 4 Remake Development Sees Change in Leadership and Direction

While it was reported last year that a Resident Evil 4 remake was in the works, following the successes of both the Resident Evil 2 and remakes, new reports suggest that development leadership may be shifting amidst ongoing negative feedback about Resident Evil 3.

Originally it seems Studio M-Two was charged with the task, but VGC reports that M-Two’s influence on Resident Evil 4 remake has been reduced as Capcom Division 1—the mainline RE team—is taking over development duties.

M-Two, a studio headed by PlatinumGames’ ex-studio head Tatsuya Minami and staffed by a number of other developers from PlatinumGames, contributed to the Resident Evil 3 remake with the ultimate goal of taking on Resident Evil 4 as the lead studio. VGC reports that a disagreement during a key review meeting last year caused Capcom to diminish M-Two’s role on the project while having Division 1 step in to lead.

The disagreement centered on M-Two’s plan to use Resident Evil 4 as a complete blueprint, remaking it beat for beat with few changes overall. M-Two’s plan stems from criticism about 2020’s Resident Evil 3, which sheared off a number of locations and moments from the original game. Capcom’s production teams want to take a more liberal and inspired approach, with features, story beats, and environments in Resident Evil 4 remake allowed to deviate from the blueprint of the original game. VGC notes that this is similar to Resident Evil 2’s use of Mr. X/Tyrant, which was not part of the original game and a significant deviation that was well-received.

Due to the leadership and direction change, its reported that Resident Evil 4 could see an internal delay by up to a year, pushing the game out to 2023. The same sources told VGC that both Resident Evil 2 and 3 got similar overhauls mid-development, so its not entirely unusual, particularly when remaking some of the industry’s most beloved titles. As Capcom’s highest rated title according to Metacritic, the pressure to get Resident Evil 4 remake exactly right is immense.

VGC says that Capcom Division 1’s involvement in the project means many of the original Resident Evil 4 developers are expected to be working on the remake. Capcom didn’t respond to VGC’s requests for comment. Given that Resident Evil 4 remake hasn’t even been officially announced or confirmed by the company, this is unsurprising.

Currently Capcom is focused on launching Resident Evil Village, the eighth mainline game (but don’t call it Resident Evil 8!) which just got a release date for May and a PS5-exclusive demo.

[Source: VGC]