Rumor: More Final Fantasy XVI Info Coming This Month

More than 140 days since it was first revealed, there’s a chance we might be getting some new Final Fantasy XVI info soon. This is one of those rumors that we suggest you take with a big old grain of salt, and then wash it down with a hearty glass of salt water for good measure. However, if it does pan out, February will prove to be a big month for Final Fantasy fans. Business analyst Robert Serrano tweeted that new Final Fantasy XVI info, alongside Final Fantasy XIV announcements, is coming this month.

Serrano’s track record as an “insider” has been hit and miss. He correctly predicted and/or leaked a number of things in the lead up to the PS5 release, though he was wrong about quite a few other things. Still, he’s someone worth paying attention to if there’s even a glimmer of hope that what he says ends up coming to pass.

Final Fantasy XVI was first revealed in a gameplay trailer at the September PS5 event that showed off a bunch of new PS5 titles. A report shortly after the event indicated that FFXVI was further along than we thought and would be releasing sooner than anticipated. The game’s website was updated with some character and story details, but Square Enix has otherwise been radio silent about the next major Final Fantasy title.

While it’s publicly known that Square Enix is gearing up for an exciting new announcement for Final Fantasy XIV (likely the next expansion that should release this year), the company hasn’t mentioned anything about XVI as of yet. However, if Serrano is correct, we could be hearing something new within the next few weeks. Again, however, take this one with a grain of salt. There’s nothing but Serrano’s word to back this one up right now, and he’s been known to miss the mark in the past.

Final Fantasy XVI is being developed by a veteran FF team, and fans of classic high-fantasy Final Fantasy games like Tactics and the more recent MMO XIV should be very excited for what’s coming.