Rumor: PS5 Price and Release Date Reveal, Preorders Happening on July 13th

As with most rumors, we’re taking this one with a grain of salt, but it’s worth calling attention to as the individual posting the information has a previous track record of proven insider knowledge. According to a recent rumor, the PS5 price and release date reveal—as well as preorders opening up for the console—is set to take place in just a couple weeks on July 13.

The rumor comes from Roberto Serrano’ (@geronimo_73) who replied to one of Jeff Grubb’s infamous Summer Games Mess updates saying “July 13 > #PS5 price, release date and pre-order. TBC,” citing “sources inside the entertainment industry.”

So why should you pay attention to a random tweet claiming this information? Serrano was one of the first to confirm the newly scheduled June 11th date for the PS5 Future of Gaming reveal event before Sony announced it officially. He’s also consistently posted a number of price and release date rumors for both next-gen consoles, but obviously those have yet to be confirmed.

When asked further about the price and release date reveal and what form it might take, he said that there is “no event planned at this time” meaning it could just simply drop via a post on the PlayStation Blog. He also said it “should be July 13th or before” if Sony opts to change the date, indicating that we’ll know the PS5’s price and release date by July 13th at the latest, as well as finally be able to put our preorders in for the console.

It should be noted that Jeff Grubb, who has been cataloging both the confirmed and rumored events based on his own knowledge and sources, has yet to add anything in July for Sony and PlayStation. The next PlayStation event date he has on his Summer Games Mess calendar is a State of Play happening at some point in August (also rumored and unconfirmed at this point). That’s not to say that the two might have independent information and sources, but as of yet, Serrano’s claims have not be corroborated by anyone else.

The PS5 price and release date has been a hotly debated topic, particularly with both Microsoft and Sony playing a game of chicken on who might reveal theirs first. It’s expected that Microsoft will undercut Sony this generation, and July 13 would put the PS5 price reveal ahead of Microsoft’s expected reveal later this month, but price, release date, and preorders are going to be needed to start crunching the numbers for day one production. With “holiday 2020” closing in, these kinds of events and decisions need to start happening sooner rather than later. At least it won’t take long to find out if this particular rumor was correct.

[Via: NotebookCheck]