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UK Retailer PS5 Restock Expected This Week, Console Shortages Could Continue Throughout the Year

Still looking for a PS5? Our UK readers might be a luck with a PS5 restock expected at UK retailers this week. However, the outlook on next-gen console shortages isn’t getting any rosier. New reports say that limited inventory could continue throughout the year as high demand clashes with issues sourcing semiconductors and other parts necessary to manufacture the consoles.

VGC reports that social media alerts are showing the incoming PS5 restocks. Both Game and ShopTo got new inventory of the console last week (which quickly sold out), and Amazon, Very, and Currys are expected to put new inventory up for sale sometime this week for the usual “mid-month” refresh.

Inventory will still be limited though, with shortages expected to continue throughout the year thanks to limited availability of semiconductors. Scalpers have also created a bottleneck for legitimate buyers trying to get their hands on a next-gen console, using bots and other unfair tools and methods to scoop up new inventory in order to resell for a profit. The scalpers say the vilification of their methods is unfair and hurtful, saying that they are just like any other middleman buying up a product from a wholesaler for resale.

The difference between scalpers and other wholesalers is in serving a need (ie. getting the product to an accessible market) versus operating purely on scarce inventory and high demand exclusively for profit. In the case of console sales, “middlemen” already exist in the form of the retailer that connect with the customers, making the added insertion of scalpers a bottleneck and roadblock with undue markup, rather than a legitimate business venture serving the needs of consumers. Often sales through scalpers aren’t covered under the same kind of guarantees you would get through a traditional retailer, making buying a console at markup a more risky move. Scalper groups also profit off of membership fees for the use of their tools, operating solely as a profit-based hierarchy that doesn’t ultimately serve any need. The UK is considering legislation which would make scalping illegal.

Have you managed to secure a PS5 for yourself yet, or are you still battling scalpers and inventory shortages? Let us know your experience in the comments.