PS5 Scalper Group Member Reportedly Reveals That the Group’s Claims Are Exaggerated for Attention

A member of notorious PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X scalper group, CrepChiefNotify, has reportedly reached out to Video Games Chronicle to reveal that the group is overblowing its figures on purpose.

CrepChiefNotify shot to infamy after a Business Insider report about scalpers specifically named the group. Since then, its management has regularly boasted about obtaining thousands of new consoles each week, which has infuriated genuine customers seeking a console while simultaneously keeping its name in the limelight. According to the member, who spoke to VGC on condition of anonymity, the group is either overestimating its stock or it’s purposely exaggerating its claims in order to attract more members, who pay a subscription fee.

“I can tell you for a fact that they straight up lied about their Xbox success today,” said the member, who plans to cancel their subscription. “Either that or they are assuming at least 50 percent of members managed to buy a console.” They also accused CrepChiefNotify of overstating the resale value of the products that its members obtain. “It’s misleading and in effect false advertising,” the member concluded.

“Our members are finding it easy to buy these consoles,” claimed CrepChiefNotify. “If you’re struggling and complaining about getting one, the simple answer is join the rest and secure yours through our group.”

Considering the limited supply of new consoles and some of the group’s social media messaging, the anonymous member’s accusation does seem to be true. However, we can’t deny that scalpers have made bank with the PS5 and Xbox Series X, and no one has been able to counter them yet.

[Source: VGC]