A YouTuber Paid $70,000 for a 10-Foot High Functioning PS5

A lot of people have been struggling to get their hands on a $500 PlayStation 5 console since its launch in November 2020, but YouTuber ZHC has been able to purchase the world’s biggest PS5 for a whopping $70,000. The best part? It’s a functioning console. Don’t believe us? Watch the video below (thanks, GamesRadar).

Standing 10-feet tall and weighing over 500 pounds, ZHC’s console has been certified as the world’s biggest PS5 by the Guinness World Records. ZHC and his friends apparently spent over a hundred hours just customizing the thing. While one may question the practicality of this PS5 beyond goofing off in short spurts with friends and family, we can’t deny that the customization looks pretty rad.

As far as the regular PS5s are concerned, the situation still looks pretty bleak for folks who haven’t been able to find one. Retailers continue to fall prey to scalpers and console manufacturers have said that they’re struggling to procure components amid worldwide shortages, leading to supply constraints.

For what it’s worth, increased scalping during the pandemic has attracted enough negative attention for retailers to consider alternative ways to sell their stock, like online lotteries. Elsewhere, lawmakers are mulling over introducing legislation to ban the practice altogether.

While Sony still hasn’t formally addressed the issue, SIE boss Jim Ryan has previously said that launching a console amid a pandemic is an experience that the company doesn’t want to go through again. Microsoft boss Phil Spencer separately acknowledged that last year’s console launches were pretty messy.