Ubisoft Rainbow Six Servers

Ubisoft Ends Server Support for Multiple Legacy Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon Titles This Year, Including a PS2 Title

Ubisoft will be closing the online servers for a handful of their legacy Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six titles. As well as sunsetting the servers for Ghost Recon Future Soldier, Rainbow Six Vegas, and Rainbow Six Vegas 2 on PlayStation 3, the servers for PlayStation 2 title Rainbow Six Lockdown will also be closed.

Despite Sony’s Dynamic Network Authentication System closing for PlayStation 2 in 2016, Rainbow Six Lockdown online matches can still be played via the third party XLink Kai service. Unfortunately players will no longer be able to use that service to play the game later this year, although Ubisoft didn’t give a specific date for the closure. Likewise there’s only a 2021 window for the closure of the online servers for the trio of PS3 games. All of the games’ solo and local multiplayer modes will remain available, although in-game news, online leaderboards and other in-game stat services that require online will be closed. In terms of Ghost Recon Future Soldier, the game’s Ubisoft Connect (formerly UPlay) rewards and actions will also be disabled, and some trophies will become discontinued.

Those wanting to grab hold of the games’ DLC will want to do so before the PlayStation 3 Store closes on July 2. Rainbow Six Vegas 2 got a free DLC that included maps that can be used in the game’s co-op Terrorist Hunt mode. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier had three DLC expansions: Khyber Strike, Raven Strike, and Arctic Strike. These included new maps, weapons, and campaign missions.

The closures are not surprising bearing in mind the majority of franchise fans will have moved on to the latest games. Rainbow Six Siege continues to add content and Year 6 began at the end of February. There’s also the upcoming title Rainbow Six Quarantine due to be released later this year. Meanwhile, Ubisoft has promised to add content to Ghost Recon: Breakpoint throughout the year, including a Teammate Experience Update at the end of spring and a much larger title update this fall that includes a new operation.

[Source: Ubisoft Forums]