May 2021 PS Plus free games

May 2021 PS Plus Free Games Include Wreckfest on PS5, Battlefield V, and Stranded Deep

With April coming to a close, Sony is giving us a look at what’s coming next week with the May 2021 PS Plus free games. The new lineup will include Wreckfest: Drive Hard, Die Last for PS5 owners, and Battlefield V and Stranded Deep for PS4. These new games go live on Tuesday May 4th after the April 2021 games leave the service.

May 2021 PS Plus Free Games

Wreckfest: Drive Hard, Die Last is a destruction derby racing game that released on PS4 back in 2019. It was previously announced to be receiving a $10 PS5 upgrade at the start of June 2021, but it looks like the game will launch first on the next-gen console for PlayStation Plus subscribers in May. Our review of the original PS4 version may not have been too hot on the racing aspect of it, but we sure did love the destruction. The PS5 upgrade promises enhanced visuals, haptic feedback and quicker loading times, as well as dynamic dirt and even bigger multiplayer matches. Wreckfest: Drive Hard, Die Last is coming to the May 2021 PS Plus lineup as a PS5 game.

For PS4 owners (and PS5 players, via backwards compatibility), you’ll get the opportunity to play Battlefield V and Stranded Deep. Battlefield V is the most recent entry in the Battlefield series and is undoubtedly going free to drum up some attention around the impending announcement of the next Battlefield title. There are a lot of rumors that this heavyweight franchise is expanding in a big way this year, and what better way to herald its arrival than letting players experience what came before it for free? Our review for the 2018 Battlefield V loved the multiple campaign aspect of it that focused on different parts and stories of the war.

And finally, Stranded Deep is a first-person open-world adventure survival game. Players are stranded in the Pacific Ocean and must explore islands and underwater to gather supplies and craft things to stay alive. Oh, and watch out for the fauna that seems to conspire to kill you. While perhaps not the headliner of the May 2021 games, Stranded Deep offers a unique experience to round out the three new Plus games for the month.

These three new games go live on May 4th and will remain free to redeem for subscribers until May 31st.

Of course, with three new games on the way, that means you have less than a week to redeem the PlayStation Plus free games for AprilOddworld: Soulstorm (PS5 only), Days Gone, and Zombie Army 4: Dead War will be leaving the service next week on May 4th when the new games go live, so make sure you redeem them before then. As a reminder, you do not need to download the games to add them to your Plus library. Simply redeem the games via your console or the PlayStation web store to have them available as long as you are an active PlayStation Plus subscriber. Also, if you don’t yet own a PS5, you can redeem the PS5-only games via the web store and then have a prebuilt library of games to play whenever you do pick up the next-gen console.

Players can also pick up Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition for free as part of Sony’s Play at Home initiative, no Plus subscription necessary. It’s available free until May 14th. Even if you played Horizon, make sure you pick this up if you missed its Frozen Wilds expansion.

What are your thoughts on the May 2021 PS Plus free games? Let us know in the comments below.

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