Survival Game Stranded Deep Comes to PlayStation 4 Tomorrow

Another survival game will soon land on the PlayStation 4. Beam Team’s Stranded Deep is the title in question. The island-set adventure will hit Sony’s Platform tomorrow, April 21st, for an as yet unspecified price.

In Stranded Deep, players will assume the role of a plane crash survivor in the Pacific Ocean. This survivor finds themselves lost at sea, before stumbling upon an isolated island. Of course, survival is the name of the game. Players will need to explore for food, materials, and other resources to ensure the main character outlasts the island’s myriad obstacles. These challenges are to include sea creatures, such as sharks and giant squid. Land animals will present quite the threat, too. Thus, players are bound to encounter snakes, wild boar, and other potentially fatal threats.

Exposure, hunger, and thirst will all necessitate management on the player’s part. This will especially hold true given the island’s various harsh elements. And it seems braving these challenges won’t be an easy task, either. However, those who succeed may very well escape the island in the end.

Ben and Sam, Beam Team’s co-founders, have been working on this project for five years, according to a PlayStation Blog post. Stranded Deep counts as the small team’s first console game. Like surviving their fictional island, making it this far in development was no simple task. Console versions of the title were initially set to launch under Telltale’s publishing banner late in 2018. Obviously, these plans took a hit when Telltale shuttered. Beam Team has since bought back the console publishing rights, making Stranded Deep’s forthcoming PS4 launch possible.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]