Call of Duty Rambo Skin

Rambo and Die Hard Skins or Operators Teased for Call of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops Cold War, Coming May 20th

Call of Duty: Warzone began Season Three by heading back to 1984 with a new/old take on Verdansk. Black Ops Cold War got a handful of new multiplayer maps, multiplayer modes, and new additions for the Zombies Outbreak mode. While both games got new weapons and new Operators, none of them were especially ’80s themed and players wondered if they’d see skins for appropriate action heroes from that era. It seems like the answer is yes. The Call of Duty Twitter account has been teasing skins or Operators from Rambo and Die Hard, even going as far as to give us a quick glimpse of the Rambo skin.

Rambo was first teased by a mysterious gamer report for SurvivorJohn#1009062. The number of games played matched the number of Rambo films, the 7 hours played roughly matched the total run time of those films, and the 552 kills matches the total number of confirmed on-screen kills by John Rambo throughout. The significance of the player number is still a mystery, though.

The hint became more obvious when players checked the 15 people the Call of Duty Twitter account was following at the time. All of them had the surname Trautman, a reference to Col. Sam Trautman who was something of a father figure to Rambo. Those people have now been changed to 14 accounts associated with the franchise and its developers. However, there has since been another Tweet showing a first glimpse of the skin and confirming the arrival of Rambo on May 20.

While we haven’t gotten a sneak peek at John McClane from Die Hard, another Tweet teased the Nakatomi air duct cleaning firm. Nakatomi Tower was the building John McClane infiltrated the ducts in in the original Die Hard film. The fictional company was apparently founded in 1988, the same year the first Die Hard film was released, and their slogan features the infamous Yippee Ki Yay catchphrase. Whether McClane appears on the same day as Rambo remains to be seen, but it seems almost certain he’s coming.

We still don’t know if these are entirely new Operators with their own voice lines or simply skins for existing Operators in the game. It’s expected that the Operators or Skins will work for both Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, though they most likely won’t feed over into Modern Warfare. It’s also expected that these will be made available through premium purchases.

In the meantime, anybody who logs into Warzone during Season Three will grab themselves a free Tortured & Rescued Adler skin. This skin was previously only earned through the Hunt for Adler Challenge that kicked off the new season, but due to a bug that prevented players from completing the challenge, Raven Software looked at an alternative arrangement to make sure all players were compensated.

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