Capcom Accused of Plagiarizing Resident Evil Village Monster Design by Frankenstein’s Army Director (Potential Spoilers)

WARNING: This article may spoil Resident Evil Village for some readers. Proceed at your own risk!

Richard Raaphorst, the director of 2013 horror film Frankenstein’s Army, has accused Capcom of plagiarizing his monster designs from the film in Resident Evil Village. As spotted by GamerPress, Raaphorst vented his frustration on LinkedIn, where he shared images that show how eerily similar the Sturm boss design is to a creature from his film. Over on Twitter, Twitch streamer CloneKorp pointed out that several Resident Evil Village creatures bear a striking resemblance to those in Frankenstein’s Army. You can check out the comparison thread by clicking the tweet below.

“In 2013 I directed my film Frankenstein’s Army,” Raaphorst wrote on LinkedIn. “It’s a crazy monster movie filled with my own creature designs, one of which has been used – completely without authorization or credit in the newest Resident Evil game #monsterdesign #residentevil #r_games #residentevilproject #gamedesign #gameart #plagiarism #copyright #gemart #characterdsign #conceptart #movieart #frankensteinsarmy #zombot #propellerhead #copyright.”

In response to CloneKorp’s thread, Raaphorst said, “Oh dude, this is worse than I thought. First I felt angry, then proud, but now I see this, I feel sad.”

Capcom has yet to respond to the allegations.

We certainly can’t deny what we’re seeing here. What do our readers think? Share your thoughts below.

[Source: LinkedIn via GamerPress]