Uncharted Movie Clip

Our First Look at Uncharted Movie Footage is Just Two Seconds of Sully and Nate

After a promotional screenshot caused some fans to become disgruntled earlier this week, we now have our first look at footage from the Uncharted movie. The footage shows Mark Wahlberg’s Victor “Sully” Sullivan and Tom Holland as Nathan Drake dressed up all fancy. Sully walks past Nate and… that’s it. In fact, the gif that’s been playing above is literally the entire duration of the footage. It’s about two seconds, though at this point it’s still the most we’ve ever seen of the Uncharted movie in motion.

The footage came as part of a video called “The Voices of Sony,” and you can see it for yourself at the 1:32 mark below. Just don’t blink or you might miss it.

Scrubbing through the clip slowly doesn’t reveal too many interesting details. The first part of the clip, where Sully looks up, seems to be disconnected from the second portion as he walks past Nate. In the first he is wearing a bowtie, while it’s been removed in the second. Nate is giving Sully some kind of look with his arms folded as he walks by. The two seem to have some kind of disagreement happening here. It’s not exactly clear how established their relationship is at this point, given that the Uncharted movie is a prequel exploring the younger versions of these characters pre-Uncharted 1.

Uncharted Movie Clip

Notably, the footage still seems to lack specific identifying features that make it Uncharted. The only way anyone could tell this brief clip was from Uncharted was due to Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg being on screen together. And just like the image released earlier this week, Wahlberg still isn’t sporting the characteristic Sully-stache here, though we do know that he gets it at some point.

This clip could mean that Sony is getting ready to start showing off trailers soon. With some edited post-production footage clearly being made available (not to mention the odd way these two short clips are cut together), this clip is mostly likely a very small snippet of a trailer to come, though Sony has yet to officially announce or tease the release of an Uncharted movie trailer.

The Uncharted movie releases February 18th, 2022.

[Via: Collider]