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Sony Says Creating Successful New IP Requires ‘Great Courage’ Alongside Taking Financial Risks

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan has said that new IP is the “lifeblood” of the entertainment industry, and although it’s a difficult process, PlayStation has been “lucky” on that front.

Speaking to China’s TMTPost (translation provided by the publication itself), Ryan quoted the examples of Horizon Zero Dawn and Ghost of Tsushima. He added that alongside taking financial risks, creating new IP requires “great courage.” Ryan also said that Days Gone “performed well,” which is an interesting comment in light of recent reports that Sony turned down a pitch for Days Gone 2. He separately revealed that PlayStation VR title Astro Bot Rescue Mission produced “good results.”

“I am very happy that we can do this [create new IP] in the past few years, but it requires great courage and the courage to bear financial risks. It also requires trust in the studio,” Ryan continued. The executive then went on to talk about a “healthy circle.”

“If your studio is doing well, then your confidence in the studio will grow over time, and you will be more willing to take risks and find the right time,” Ryan added. “Our relationship with the studio is in a period that I call a healthy circle. We need products, are willing to invest, and are willing to take risks. At the other end of this circle is the reputation of PlayStation Studios in the industry.”

Sony recently announced a number third party collaborations for new IPs, which includes Jade Raymond’s Haven Studios and former Call of Duty devs’ Deviation Games.

[Source: TMTPOST]