Rainbow Six Siege Free Weekend August 2021

Rainbow Six: Siege Free Weekend Running Now, New Operator Osa Joins the Attackers Soon

Rainbow Six: Siege is having a free access weekend right now. Beginning today, August 13, and running until August 16, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 players will be able to access the game for free. In anticipation of the current season ending soon, they also unveiled the new Operator to be joining the game soon: Osa.

The free play weekend will run until 4am PDT on August 16. Those who then decide to purchase the game afterwards will keep all of their progress. Those who already own the game won’t lose out this weekend either, benefitting from double Battle Points as they try to complete the North Star Battle Pass before it expires on August 30. The first ever Battle XP bonus runs through the weekend and all activities that provide points will be included.

One of the modes players will be able to try out is the limited-time Containment event. Those who play five games of this mode before August 17 will unlock the Vigil Bundle for Rainbow Six Extraction through the Ubisoft Connect service. The mode also get a very brief hotfix yesterday that prevented players from being killed during the prep phase, as well as closing the exploit where Attackers could shoot the main nest from the roof.

Year Six Season Three is due to begin in September. The new Operator to be introduced this season will be an Attacker called Anja “Osa” Janković. She was recruited into Nighthaven where she founded their “Quantum Concepts & Robotics” unit. Specializing in electromechanics, military engineering and robotics, she wields a deployable Talon-8 Clear Shield that can dig itself into window frames and other surfaces. Her full reveal won’t be until August 16, but her introduction trailer shows a Crystal Guard soldier who seems more than ready to enter the fray:

Content will continue to roll into Siege seeing as Ubisoft believes a sequel is unnecessary and they can keep this game rolling for quite a while yet. We’ll let you know as soon as we hear more about the new season.

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