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Rainbow Six: Siege and Apex Legends Join PlayStation Tournaments Open Series Roster Next Month

Sony is once again looking to expand the selection of titles available for players in the PlayStation 4 Open Series tournaments. Rainbow Six Siege and Apex Legends will both be added to the roster at the start of September.

Apex Legends is the first of the two titles to be added; teams of three players will be able to take part in the first qualifier on September 1. Points are awarded for kills and finishing position. There will be plenty of opponents to take down as each round will pit 20 teams against each other on the World’s Edge map. Eliminations won’t begin until after the fourth round. A total of 40 points is needed to reach round 5 and 50 points to reach round 6. Prizes available in the qualifying rounds include PlayStation Tournaments Themes and Avatars, an Apex Legends Elite Theme and Avatar, and a $100 cash prize for the winner.

Rainbow Six Siege follows a day later on September 2 with teams of five players battling it out in TDM Bomb. Once again there will be at least four rounds per match with eliminations only taking place after the fourth round. This time you’ll need landslide victories. Round 5 will be open for those teams that secured 4-0 victories, while round 6 is only open to those who managed to secure 5-0 victories. Prizes available in the qualifying rounds include PlayStation Tournaments Themes and Avatars, Rainbow Six Siege Elite Themes and Avatars, Rainbow Six Credits and a $250 cash prize for the winner.

Teams who are successful in the Open Series lobbies will progress to the Monthly Finals where they then compete against the top players of the month. All participants here will get a PlayStation Tournaments Champions Theme and Avatar. The majority of prizes here are different cash values and a game specific Champions Theme and Avatar. There are Rainbow Six Credits available in the Rainbow Six Siege tournament too.

PlayStation Tournaments launched in 2016 while the Open Series was added in 2020. The latter aimed to make competitive gaming more accessible by adding tournaments for more diverse titles. These two games arrive just a couple of months after Sony added Tekken 7, Guilty Gear Strive, and Auto Chess to the list. If you’re looking to join in, all tournaments can be accessed through the PS4 console or through the Competition Center and players must have a PlayStation Plus account to be able to compete.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]