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Jade Raymond’s Haven Studios Is Creating a PS5 IP That Can Be Owned By Fans, Teases ‘Next-Level’ Quality

Haven Studios‘ boss Jade Raymond has said that her team of industry veterans are busy creating a PlayStation 5 IP that can be owned by fans rather than creatives.

In a lengthy interview with Games Industry, the former Assassin’s Creed and Watch Dogs developer revealed that she had been considering opening up her own studio for quite some time before unveiling Haven Studios, and a partnership with Sony came almost naturally because the company was not only supportive of Raymond’s ideas, it also stands out “as a company that really understands the creative process, and developing games and supports the dev teams and gives them the autonomy they need.”

Not much is known about Haven Studios’ PS5-exclusive, but Raymond told Games Industry that her team wants to create something “where it’s not just professional teams, but it is designed to be owned by the fans and can evolve through that.”

“And when it comes to really ambitious games and the PS5 and what it can do, and you’re trying to achieve this next-level quality visually, and you have an art director like Raphael Lacoste, and you have these ambitions, you need to think: What does it meant to support the first terabyte game?” Raymond continued. “What does it meant to support this level of data? All of these things that we learnt to make game streaming of this generation possible, are interesting to reach the next level of quality.”

Raymond added that for a lot of Haven Studios’ developers, making a first-party PlayStation game is a “dream.”

[Source: Games Industry]