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Marvel’s Avengers Deep Dive Goes into Greater Detail on Tomorrow’s Spider-Man Update

Marvel’s Avengers players on PlayStation consoles will finally get the exclusive Spider-Man: With Great Power Hero Event tomorrow, which includes the platform-exclusive hero. With this event just being part of a larger update, there will also be a Raid, game system updates, and a new Shipments system, all of which are also coming to Avengers on other platforms. All of these were explained in greater detail in today’s Marvel’s Avengers War Table Deep Dive video.

The Spider-Man: With Great Power Hero Event puts players straight into the suit of Spider-Man without the need to unlock or complete any campaigns. There’ll be specific challenges and themed rewards to earn, but most people are probably more interested in how the character will play. Of course, his web-slinging is an important part of this. Spidey can use his webs to swing anywhere, but they’re also used in combat to close distances and manipulate enemies. All web-based attacks, ranged attacks, and Heroics build up his Web Status that can then be used to immobilize enemies. This status effect can be customized by players through his mastery tree and gear. His attacks include:

The Spider Skirmish light combo is designed to build up stun damage and juggle enemies into the air. Pair it with his signature attack Take to the Sky to launch enemies up and continue the combo in-air. While on a wall, Predator Instincts gives you the ability to perform a powerful leaping punch that deals bonus Impact Damage. Evade an enemy attack while the Spider-Sense warning is visible to activate defensive armor. Evade at the last second to perform a Perfect Evade which leaves the enemy vulnerable to follow-up attacks. While dodging, use Think Fast to perform a low spinning kick that can trip enemies, making them easier to combo, or Double Fire to quickly build up Web Status on the enemy. Quick Reflexes and Web-Counter are stronger versions of these attacks and can be performed after a Perfect Evade. The Wreckage Skill is Spidey’s intrinsic meter that charges up by dealing melee damage and avoiding enemy attacks that drain it. Once the meter is full, Spider-Man can perform a Takedown on an enemy without having to stun them, even if the enemy is in the air.

Spider-Man’s Heroics include the Web-Bomb Assault Heroic that webs up larger groups of enemies, and the Spider-Drone Support Heroic that can use web projectiles to lay down cover fire. His Ultimate Heroic is the Wrecking Ball, a massive ball of webs that’s slammed into the ground to knock back nearby enemies and smash those under it. Spidey will also come with 40 new collectible outfits and more than 20 emotes to be unlocked.

Meanwhile, Marvel’s Avengers’ Klaw Raid is called Discordant Sound. Players head into the mines found at Mena Ngai, otherwise known as the Great Mound. The Raid takes place immediately after the events of War for Wakanda. Shuri tells the Black Panther and the Avengers there is a new threat to Wakanda. Corrupted Vibranium have spread throughout the Great Mound and the surrounding jungle, suggesting Klaw has returned. Only the highest-level players will be able to cope with the elite enemies and new co-op puzzles that they’ll face.

The Shipments system is a form of loot box that includes cosmetics and resources. They can be purchased through Units or one free shipment can be earned each day through multiplayer play. The shipments update regularly and players will be able to see all of the randomized items in the box before they decide whether they want to purchase it. Those that have enough Units to open 100 shipments in a cycle will guarantee themselves a top-tier reward. Cosmetic duplicates are converted into Fragments.

Finally, there are other game system updates coming to Marvel’s Avengers. The maximum power level cap will be raised to 175 and Crystal Dynamics will be offering plenty of options for players to hit that new level. Gear that is PL 100+ and epic rarity or higher can also be upgraded an unlimited number of times until it hits the new level cap. There is bound to be a list of gameplay improvements and bug fixes when the update is released tomorrow too. As soon as we hear more, we’ll be sure to let you know.

[Source: Square Enix]