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What Is Your Ultimate RPG Squad? We Built The ‘Best’ Team of Characters

As I was sitting around and setting up my fantasy hockey roster for the following day, while also playing some Tales of Arise, a thought popped into my head. Who would make it into my best RPG characters squad if I had to make one? So why not jot down my squad of six, and hopefully get some of you to tell me yours, too.

Rules for this little exercise are fairly simple. It must be a squad of six —because I love Suikoden and that’s really the only reason. Each person gets 2 bench players that can come in if needed. The characters on your team can come from any RPG, across any console. No real rhyme or reason for each member of the squad, either, so you can get detailed about tanks and damage dealers or just pick the 8 that you think are the most awesome. We’ll leave it up to you how you build your own team.

The Ultimate RPG Squad: The best characters as chosen by us

Yuber – Suikoden III 

As my favorite game series of all time, I had so many options to choose from here. I tossed around names like Apple, Luc, Flik, and others before landing on Yuber. He just personifies cool in his all-black suit and twin swords. He brings major DPS to my team and a little bit of evil that you need in that damage dealer.

Persona 3 remake

Main Protagonist – Persona 3

This game was my first foray into the world of Persona, so of course the main protagonist was going to make it. A great-looking character with plenty of ability and for my money, the best personas of the series. I mean, just take a look at Thanatos! Adds some strength to my team and the ability to call forth various different personas.

Anise best rpg characters

Anise Tatlin – Tales of the Abyss

Another game that I just flat out loved and Anise was a big part of it. To be honest, she was kind of annoying but extremely powerful and just flat-out cool-looking. Especially when she transformed her teddy bear from little and cuddly to big and menacing. This pick adds some serious brawn to my group along with some great magic.

Vincent best rpg character

Vincent Valentine – Final Fantasy VII

One of the best-designed and raddest-looking characters ever. There really isn’t anyone to knock him off that pedestal, and that’s saying a lot considering how many great-looking characters FFVII had in that just one game alone. Great skill set for my party with being both up close and ranged.

Clive best rpg characters

Clive Winslett – Wild Arms 3

Pretty close to going with a different Clive in this spot but I had big love for this character as a child and he is the perfect long-range sniper for my group. Great way to keep my enemies at bay from a distance while the rest of my group closes in.

Serena best rpg characters

Serena – Dragon Quest XI

I need some healing in my party and for me it came down to two characters from DQ XI. In the end, I sided with Serena and she will be a welcome addition to my party, keeping everyone going with a lot of support.

Welkin best rpg characters

Lt. Welkin Gunther – Valkyria Chronicles

A party needs someone to command it and while I like to think I have a booming voice (I don’t), I think it’s best left to a great strategist who has the right amount of smarts and flexibility to handle the job. It was tempting to dive back into Suikoden for Apple or Mathiu Silverberg, but the allure of Welkin and his tank (yes, it comes as well) was too much to pass up.

March best rpg characters

March – Eternal Sonata

My final character in the party is from one of the most surprisingly great games I ever played. Eternal Sonata was a game I just picked up because and wow, it was amazing. This is another game where I had lots of options when it came to characters, but I settled nicely on March. Sure, Salsa offered a bit more raw power up front, but March is a combo ninja, stringing together some massive chain attacks perfect for my party.

What do you think of my ultimate RPG squad? Who would you have in yours? Make sure to let us know in the comments.