Babylons Fall Support Will Continue

Babylon’s Fall Support Will Continue As Future Changes Detailed Through Season 3

Babylon’s Fall may well be PS5’s worst-rated console exclusive to date, but that doesn’t mean Platinum Games will be giving up on the game anytime soon. Their latest livestream reassured players they will continue to support Babylon’s Fall as planned and have even started to create content for Season 3. They also detailed everything to come in future updates, included changes that result from player feedback.

When will the next Babylon’s Fall update be released?

Babylon's Fall Season 1

Babylon’s Fall Version 1.1.0 is due to be released on March 22. This will be the game’s first large scale update and the developer is planning plenty of changes. In terms of new content, there will be a new campaign chapter called “Resurgence”, which will introduce the Tower of Babylon: Blockade Zone map. There’s the new Molzamites faction, Labrys weapon type, and the Refine forge feature where players can re-roll one enchantment on an item. The Gauntlet game mode will give players quests with modifiers applied to make them more challenging.

Existing modes will also get new features. Skirmish will get additional quests and more infamous enemies. Diodorus will be added to Duel. There will be more enchantments and new Divine and Legendary equipment. The Garaz Shop will get an updated inventory, and there will be a Player Level Cap increase to 200 power and a maximum level of 22.

Full patch notes will be released on March 22, but proposed fixes and improvements include changes to purchase limits at the Conch Shop, making campaign missions easier for solo play, and increasing the chance of getting an advantageous enchantment at the Random Enchantments table. Players now have to wait 5 minutes in matchmaking before automatically setting out on a quest, while quick match parameters have been increased. Finally, some enchantments will be buffed as they were too powerful.

At the end of the month, Platinum is planning another update with more changes based on player feedback. Campaign quests will see a reduction in the number of enemies and gimmicks. They have also said they will be increasing the difficulty of duels and therefore the rewards for completing them.

In the future, the third part of the feedback update will include graphics adjustments, re-balancing weapons, improved chapter battle results displays, and more lock-on options. A full list of features for all updates and the feedback Platinum Games is still processing can be found on the Babylon’s Fall website.

In other news, Gran Turismo 7 director Kazunori Yamauchi released a tone deaf statement to players explaining why they had decided to reduce credit payouts for most of the game’s events. Elsewhere, Godfall will be getting a major update that includes “every major fan-requested feature tracked since launch”.