dying light 2 parkour

Dying Light 2 Gets Four New Parkour Challenges and a Hotfix

Techland has added four new Dying Light 2 parkour challenges, allowing players to put their skills to test. These challenges are in addition to Flying Scorpion, with the studio promising more challenges coming later this month. A hotfix has been rolled out to improve the game’s performance across all platforms as well.

Dying Light 2 parkour challenges locations

The location of the parkour challenges have been marked in the handy dandy map below.

Here’s an overview of each challenge:

  • Suspension of Disbelief: There’s no city limits here. Cut your way through the urban jungle while manipulating the environment to your advantage.
  • Grakour: Enjoy the gallery as you roll and tumble across the rooftops.
  • Stroll on the river: Don’t be afraid to get wet in this one. Dive into the waterways to reach the end.
  • My Whole World is a Glider: Keep to the skies to avoid dangerous chemicals on the ground, and coast your way to the finish line.

As far as the hotfix is concerned, it fixes the issue of Dying Light 2 crashing when loading a save file as well as freezes that occurred when starting a new game. You will also no longer get a message about missing content when loading a save file. In addition to this, Korek Charm’s cost has been updated and the PK Crossbow reward is correctly given to players in co-op mode.

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