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Microsoft Executive May Have Accidentally Mentioned PlayStation Game Pass Rival

ResetEra sleuths have pointed out that Microsoft executive Sarah Bond may have accidentally “confirmed” PlayStation Game Pass rival, rumored to be code named Spartacus, during a Fireside chat with fellow executive Phil Spencer at Game Developers Conference 2022. Bond, who is the head of Xbox creator experience, was discussing subscription services and their benefits when she mentioned that “Sony’s announced theirs [subscription services].”

When will Sony reveal PlayStation Game Pass rival?

Sony hasn’t officially confirmed Project Spartacus but it has been reported on by a number of major publications and journalists after Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier outed its existence. Rumor has it that the subscription service will be revealed as soon as this Spring, and we’ve seen indications – like PS Plus and PS Now merging for some users – that Sony’s up to something.

It’s possible that Bond mistook the aforementioned reports with an official confirmation but it’s also possible that as a high-profile industry executive, she’s got word on what Sony’s after. What doesn’t seem likely, however, is that she is referring to existing PlayStation subscriptions like some folks have assumed because PS Plus and PS Now certainly haven’t just been announced and are nothing new.

“One of the things I love about subscriptions is that it really opens up so many opportunities,” Bond said. “It gives more players a chance to experience that game, maybe a game they would have never spent $70 on. They’re going to jump in and play in the subscription and find real love for that.” Bond added that subscriptions enable developers to become more flexible because their games are exposed to more players. As a result, they’re able to take risks and create experiences they otherwise may not have.

In other news, Sony has hinted that PS5 is getting the much-awaited VRR support soon, and Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League has been delayed.

[Source: ResetEra]