hell is us

Action Adventure Game Hell Is Us Headed to PS5 in 2023

Developer Rogue Factor and publisher Nacon have announced Hell Is Us, a new third-person action adventure game built on Unreal Engine 5. The game’s creative director is none other than Jonathan Jacques-Belletête, known for his work on the Deus Ex franchise and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy among other projects at Eidos Montreal. Hell Is Us is in development for the PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, and is expected to launch in 2023.

What’s Hell Is Us all about?

Rogue Factor claims that Hell Is Us is a new genre that combines intense melee and exploration in a semi open world. The game takes place in a war-torn country, where the protagonist sets out to find the truth about his past and encounters a dark and sinister secret that the country hides.

“Our goal with Hell Is Us is to bring back true adventure and exploration,” Jacques-Belletête said in a press release. “There’s no need for a detailed quest log or precise waypoint on the map: we want players to feel the thrill of adventure, guided by their feelings and instincts. The central theme of Hell Is Us is that human violence is a perpetual cycle fueled by human emotions and passions.”

Hell Is Us boasts combat against “original” creatures. “Swords, spears and axes: a wide range of weapons forged specially for fighting these supernatural creatures is available,” reads an official description. “You will need to learn how to fight these monsters and use your drone wisely to stay alive.”

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