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GTA 5 Next-Gen Versions Apparently Removed Some Controversial Content

It looks like Rockstar Games has quietly removed some controversial content from GTA 5 PS5 and Xbox Series X versions. The content in question includes several transphobic jokes and stereotypes that LGBTQ+ game professionals group OutMakingGames had previously called on Rockstar Games to remove via an open letter. The changes were spotted by Reddit user JayProspero and Twitter user Kirsty Cloud.

Which content has been removed from GTA 5 PS5 version?

It’s unclear the extent to which Rockstar Games has made the aforementioned changes but, so far, players have spotted the removal of a toy in an arcade and some trans caricatures outside Cockatoos.

OutMakingGames had pleaded with the developer to reconsider harmful stereotypes in the updated versions of the game. “Given the cultural impact GTA V has around the world, Rockstar has a social responsibility to your players (many of whom may be LGBTQ+), to your staff and to the world at large to not promote violence against trans and gender diverse people,” the group wrote. Rockstar Games did not respond to the letter but it evidently took the feedback on board.

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[Source: ResetEra]