Hogwarts Legacy Gamescom

Hogwarts Legacy Gamescom Appearance Will Offer an ‘Exclusive New Look’

Host and journalist Geoff Keighley has announced that the upcoming Hogwarts Legacy Gamescom appearance in Opening Night Live will provide an “exclusive new look” at the game. This is a bit of a surprise given that Avalanche Software revealed last week that the game would be delayed from its December release window to February 10, 2023. One might think that the developer would remain silent, but it’s likely that its Gamescom appearance was already scheduled. That said, what might be shown about the game that we haven’t seen yet?

What the Hogwarts Legacy Gamescom world premiere might reveal

As noted in a tweet posted above from Keighley’s account, Hogwarts Legacy will appear in the Gamescom 2022 Opening Night Live presentation on Tuesday, August 23 at 11am PT / 2pm ET / 8pm CEST. As to what “World Premiere” content might be shown, it will likely be a full trailer featuring some gameplay or a part of Hogwarts Legacy’s world that we hopefully haven’t seen yet beyond Hogsmeade or the Forbidden Forest.

Given that we actually know quite a lot about Hogwarts Legacy, especially after the State of Play presentation in mid-March dedicated to the game, it’s somewhat tough to think about what info is missing at this point. Perhaps we will see if Quidditch is in the game and how it would work, particularly as there are no plans for the title to have multiplayer support. We might see what differences there might be throughout the story depending on your choice of House or what the school week will look like with you attending classes, doing assignments, and completing tests.

The game will feature a morality system that allows you to become a dark wizard if you choose, so it’s possible that we might see how that might impact what spells you will have access to. Will it be possible for you to learn the three Unforgivable curses?

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