playstation stars wait list

PlayStation Stars Randomly Putting People on a Wait List

A random PlayStation Stars wait list awaits some unsuspecting players in the Americas, where the program went live yesterday. We didn’t hear about this issue when PlayStation Stars went live in Asian countries but a number of folks reported yesterday that they were slapped with a two-month wait after registering. Upon perusing the official FAQ page, players found an official confirmation of a random wait list (yes, Sony says it’s random) along with the revelation that they have no choice but to wait to get in.

Why PlayStation Stars wait list exists and how it works

Sony argues that it needs to evaluate feedback, iterate quickly, and continue to improve the experience as members are added on a rolling basis. In other words, the company doesn’t want to overwhelm the system. With this two-month wait list, Sony will be able to offer an “optimized experience” to everyone. Yes, this means you’ll miss out on some of the time-limited rewards, unfortunately.

The good news is that you’re guaranteed a slot within two months so if you’ve already registered, all you have to do is wait. Sony will send out an email when the waiting period is up, and players may also receive a console/app notification.