Kojimas New Game Turn Things Around

Kojima’s New Game Will ‘Turn Things Around’ In the Gaming and Movie Industries

Kojima Productions‘ latest games are currently shrouded in secrecy. At the end of 2021, studio head Hideo Kojima revealed they had two games in progress, although that number may have increased in the ten months since then. One of those projects is expected to be Death Stranding 2 according to a few leaks, while there’s also a collaboration with Xbox on the cards. According to the man himself, Kojima’s one game will also be “like a new medium” and will “turn things around” in the gaming and movie industries.

How will Kojima’s new game turn things around in the gaming industry?

Kojima is still being incredibly secretive about his upcoming games, but he did tell The Guardian that his new game is something that he’s had in mind for years. The reason why it hasn’t been made yet is that the technology of the time was not capable of supporting the concept. Kojima explained: “It’s almost like a new medium. If this succeeds, it will turn things around – not just in the game industry, but in the movie industry as well.”

Building that technology is one of the current challenges because while things can work at the experimental stage, “there’s a long distance between an experiment and a place where it’s something that becomes a part of everyday usage”. Regardless of whether the game is Death Stranding 2, the Xbox collaboration, or another project entirely, it certainly promises to be unique.