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Death Stranding 2 Rumors Continue After Sony Heads Meet Hideo Kojima

Rumors of the existence of a new game in the Death Stranding franchise have continued to gather momentum over the past few weeks. Well, players are getting excited about Death Stranding 2 once again after Hideo Kojima posted a photo of himself at Kojima Productions with Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Eric Lempel and Craig Malanka.

Does Death Stranding 2 exist?

There is a very good chance that there is a new game set within the universe, but whether it will be called Death Stranding 2 is uncertain. Protagonist Sam Porter Bridges actor Norman Reedus suggested the game was starting active development back in May, while a recent leaked Sony Interactive Entertainment document also named the game (as well as several others). With Kojima meeting up with PlayStation’s Head of Worldwide Marketing & Consumer Experience and the Vice President of Global Marketing, it sounds like there is definitely a collaboration of some sort with Sony in the future, even if it isn’t Death Stranding 2.

Some may also see a significance in the trio posing with Ludens, the Kojima Productions mascot. While Ludens wouldn’t look out of place as a character from Death Stranding, the mascot only made appearances as minor product placements with very little influence over story elements. Whatever is actually happening at the studio, we’re sure to hear about it in the future.