Death Stranding 2

Kojima Drops Potential Death Stranding 2 Hints With Logo Tease

Three mysterious logos that are very likely for Death Stranding 2 has been teased by Hideo Kojima. Revealing the three white logos with a stark black background in a tweet on his official account, Kojima captions the picture with only four words: “Start a new journey.” Since then, fans have been trying to dissect what these logos mean and how they might be connected with Death Stranding 2, if at all.

The three logos spark Death Stranding 2 fan theories

Taken at face value, the first logo on the left says “Automated Public Assistance Company” underneath and, as one Reddit user points out, looks very similar to the symbol for the Dutch East India Company that has the letter ‘V’ covering the letters ‘O’ and ‘C.’ The second logo seems to be a revamped version of the original Bridges symbol from the first Death Stranding, which had a spider web overlaid on a map of the continental United States. The third logo seems to be a kraken of some sort, though I think it looks like a strange fox instead.

A popular fan theory is that the supposed compass, bridge, and kraken logos mean that Death Stranding 2, if that’s really what the logos represent, will have something to do with sailing. Given that water and timefall are an issue in the first game, crossing large bodies of water safely would be a compelling and dangerous journey in the sequel. I mean, Alaska and Hawaii are part of the United States, no? What’s going on over there?

At any rate, it looks like whatever these logos are about, we might learn more at the upcoming The Game Awards 2022. It would be surprising not to see something about Death Stranding 2 at the show, given that it’s apparently been leaked.