Marvels Avengers DLC Content Updates Ending

Marvel’s Avengers DLC Content Updates Ending in 2023 – Report

Marvel’s Avengers DLC and free content updates will apparently be ending in 2023 according to the latest rumors. Reports have emerged that the game’s engine has caused so many problems that planned content has been delayed or even canceled, while the controversy surrounding game lead designer Brian Waggoner has further compounded the game’s poor reputation.

The future of Marvel’s Avengers DLC content updates

Square Enix has long had plans to “sunset” Marvel’s Avengers in 2023 according to sources who spoke to exPuter’s Miller Ross. There are currently no plans for content in 2024. Previous publisher Square Enix aims for their live service games to have a lifespan of 3-5 years, but with the game’s poor reputation casting a shadow over its future, they seemed to be targeting the smaller of those figures. That reputation wasn’t helped when Waggoner was dropped as Crystal Dynamics’ spokesman following a series of controversial tweets. He will apparently leave the studio after the game is sunset.

The much-rumored She-Hulk character has also been delayed. Development of new content has been hampered by technical issues with the game’s Foundation engine, leading to repeated and continually lengthening delays. The character was originally in development in 2021 but was shelved when the development studios were restructured. Her arrival in 2023 is still in doubt as her development is yet to resume, likely not helped by confusion over licensing when the game was acquired by Embracer Group.

It’s worth mentioning that there are no hints of plans to close the game’s servers, merely to end Marvel’s Avengers content updates and free DLC. Only time will tell whether the rumors are true.