Dead Space Remake PS5

Dead Space Remake Has an Alternate Ending

Thanks to its trophy list being published ahead of release, we now know that Dead Space remake for PS5 has an alternate ending. We didn’t catch this one when we originally shared the game’s new trophy list, so allow us to give credit to the Reddit community for pointing this one out.

Dead Space remake PS5 offers a silver trophy for seeing the alternate ending

Dead Space PS5 players will be given a shiny silver trophy titled Reunion for seeing the alternate ending. The good news is that it doesn’t matter what difficulty level players are on. At the moment, we don’t know what players need to do to trigger the alternate ending but we’ll find out in due course.

Fans have also pointed out the Whole Again and Full Clearance trophies. The former requires pursuing Nicole’s investigation and the latter requires creating the master security override. Again, requirements for each will be revealed in due course so stay tuned.

Dead Space will release this Friday, January 27th. PS5 players can begin pre-loading on Wednesday, January 25th, starting 8 am PT.

That’s two big releases (the other one being Forspoken) in a single week. Which game are our readers picking up?