PS5 Owners Never Used PS4

Almost a Third of PS5 Owners Never Used a PS4

Sony hasn’t been quiet about trying to attract new players to PS5 and it seems like their strategy has been successful. In their latest financial results, Sony revealed nearly 30% of the monthly active users (MAUs) on PS5 have never used a PS4 console.

Sony expects more new PS5 players over the coming months

While nearly 30% of PS5 MAUs are new users, this number is expected to get bigger as PS5 supplies are increased and the consoles become easier to find. Sony has now increased its sales forecast for the current fiscal year to 19 million units. This is still a smaller number than the original estimate of 22.6 million units but is more encouraging than the last estimate of 18 million units. Approximately 32.1 million PS5 units have been sold to date and the console is apparently “significantly” beating Xbox.

Sony has also realized that players who have transferred from PS4 to PS5 are now spending more time and money on the most recent console than they ever did on the PlayStation 4. Sony will now actively be pushing players to upgrade to the PS5 console and is relying on their slate of first-party games to be the attraction. The next major Sony release will be the PSVR 2 on February 22, although players may be waiting a while for a non-VR exclusive game hit PS5.