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Final Fantasy 16 Draws Inspiration From God of War, Says Director

Final Fantasy 16 gameplay draws inspiration from God of War, director Hiroshi Takai has said. Takai revealed that he’s been a fan of the Santa Monica Studio franchise since the first game released on the PS2.

How Final Fantasy 16 gameplay is inspired by God of War

Speaking to GameSpot, Takai explained that Final Fantasy 16’s structure is similar to God of War in that it has a hub that will lead players to the main scenario quests. The hub area will also give players access to locations that they’ve unlocked in order to complete side quests and other missions. Players can choose to continue with the main story or tackle side content that they’ve unlocked.

This hub is called Hideaway in Final Fantasy 16 and it’s where a lot of the game’s RPG elements come into play. There is a shop, a blacksmith, NPCs, a “hunt board,” and much more. Hunt board is described as something that gives players clues to certain locations in the world map where they can “hunt notorious marks” and earn materials and rewards.

“To say that there’s no influence of that series [God of War] on me and on this game would be a lie,” Takai added.