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New PS5 Update Makes PS4/PS5 Cross-Saves Less Confusing

PS5 update 23.01-07.00.00 comes with a long list of patch notes, combing which have revealed some gems like Sony changing how disc installs work. Another change we’ve just spotted improves how save files are checked, and it should make PS4/PS5 cross-saves a little less confusing.

How PS4/PS5 cross-saves have improved

If you’re installing or downloading a PS5 game that uses your old PS4 save data, and you’ve backed it up to the cloud, you’ll automatically be notified that your PS4 save data is available in cloud storage. All you then have to do is press the PS button, expand the notification, and select “Download PS4 Saved Data.” In doing so, there’s no need to manually transfer data via USB or other methods.

Players will also get a similar notification if they’re playing a PS4 game on the PS5. If they want to continue playing a last-gen game on their new consoles, and haven’t yet transferred the save data, players will be notified if their PS4 save data is available in cloud storage.

PS5 isn’t quite on Xbox Series X‘s level when it comes to cross-gen gaming and save data transfers, but Sony’s certainly taking steps in the right direction, albeit two years on.