xbox vs ps5 exclusives 2023

Xbox Exclusives ‘Not Enough’ to Cut PS5 Market Share, Says Analyst Firm

Market intelligence and analysis firm DFC Intelligence reckons that the current pipeline of Xbox exclusives isn’t enough to cut into PS5’s market share. After a great 2022, Sony has a relatively thin release schedule this year compared to Microsoft.

Will Xbox exclusives Starfield and Redfall dent PS5 market share?

With the PS5 shortage ending, Sony seems to have jumped well ahead of Xbox Series X/S worldwide. However, Microsoft now has ZeniMax Media and possibly Activision Blizzard in the future, giving it a much-needed boost when it comes to its games portfolio.

However, DFC Intelligence thinks that games like Starfield and Redfall will not compel consumers to purchase an Xbox Series X or S over PS5. On the contrary, the company believes that if Starfield falls short of expectations, it’ll hurt Microsoft’s hardware sales.

DFC Intelligence predicts that exclusives will continue to play a major role in console sales. While Sony and Nintendo are known for their exclusives, Microsoft’s Game Pass makes Xbox games available on other platforms. According to the company, this means there isn’t “a major need for buying Xbox hardware.”

DFC Intelligence thinks that if Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard is approved, the competitive landscape will become more balanced. But should the deal fail, Microsoft’s position in the market “will be in jeopardy.”