Aloy's Sexual Identity

Aloy’s Sexual Identity Confirmed in Horizon: Burning Shores DLC

With the Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores DLC launching earlier this week, some players have found time to play through all of the expansion’s missions and experience the endgame cutscenes. One such cutscene results in a kiss between Aloy and another character, revealing the Horizon protagonist’s sexual identity.

aloy's sexual identity

Horizon’s Aloy confirmed as queer

Sharing a kiss with Seyka, the new female companion introduced in the Burning Shores DLC, Aloy confirms that she is queer.

You can watch the kissing scene in the video embedded below (via Gaming with Abyss):

Seyka says that she has feelings for Aloy, to which Aloy can say that she feels the same way, isn’t ready for a relationship, or that it “is too much for me.”

Horizon fans may recall the interactions between Aloy and Petra, a member of the Oseram tribe who appears in both Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West. Her conversations with Aloy often included not-so-subtle innuendos and flirtatious behavior. However, their relationship went no further than sharing a couple of drinks.

In the Burning Shores DLC, developer Guerrilla Games not only gave Aloy a new companion, but also a new love interest. It will be interesting to see how Aloy and Seyka’s relationship evolves.

While Seyka is likely to be part of future Horizon games, the future of Lance Reddick’s Sylens is less certain. With the actor passing away, it’s unclear what will happen to Sylens, as the Burning Shores DLC made it clear that the foe-turned-friend was going to have a major role in the next release.