Burning Shores The Last of Us 2 Easter Egg
Credit: u/AlbusDumbldor (Reddit)

Horizon: Burning Shores The Last of Us 2 Bow Easter Egg Discovered

There’s a The Last of Us 2 bow Easter egg to be found within the new Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores expansion. With other PlayStation studios regularly including references to other games, it’s unsurprising to see developer Guerrilla Games offering a nod to Naughty Dog.

Horizon: Burning Shores Toy Bow Easter egg

The Horizon: Burning Shores Toy Bow Easter egg seems to have first been discovered by Reddit user AlbusDumbldor, who shared images of Aloy wielding the pink and purple bow, as well as helpful screenshots of the map displaying the location.

For those that have played through The Last of Us 2, the Toy Bow will be recognized from a fun downtime sequence taking place at the aquarium. It stands out with its garish colorway in both TLOU2 and Burning Shores.

While the Toy Bow isn’t very powerful, I imagine some players will be trying to use it to take down some of Horizon’s most vicious enemies. Hopefully we’ll see some gameplay videos of that over the next week or so!

As for what’s next for Horizon, the future isn’t yet clear. The biggest question revolves around Sylens, as the actor who portrayed him, Lance Reddick, has sadly passed away. It’s clear that Horizon 3 had big plans for the character, so it will be interesting to see what happens there.